Here she comes, In her glittering attire and shining eyes, Her father accompanies her To the groom waiting in the dais. Everyone looking at her In praise, But she goes back To her golden old days. ‘Will you marry me?’- He asked her in the park, She nodded her head And he could see light … More HALF BRIDE


‘Yes, what can I do for you?” She asks him lifting up her head, He tries to enquire something But stands still instead. The face so known to him The face so similar, It is the one which once Compelled him to fall for Her. ‘Sir, are you listening? I am talking to you’- Her … More Lookalike


‘She is beautiful, I love her’- He kisses the photo in the wallet, And the smile witnesses tear(s). ‘ Major, we will win, Our goal is near’- Suddenly the known voice, Shocks his ear(s). He faced death many times, He fought many war(s). His brain may be battling, But she gives peace to his heart. … More SOLDIER


‘Shall we meet again?’ He asks her, She nods her head And they move far. He is quiet Silent is she, Both become the ones They never meant to be. Good times they shared Visit their eyes, He saved a single penny To delight her with surprise. She learnt the recipes To spice up his … More Reunion