The blue bird

And the blue bird flies Defying the eyes, Which seem to have set limit For her to rise. Crossing the mountains Waving the cloud(s), Sky smiles When in it, her wings mould. The sea however Mocks her powers, But in plates of tides She happily devours. Beautiful gardens Plead to stay, She kissed the flowers … More The blue bird


The grass doesn’t disappoint it anymore, Accepted the truth has it from the core. Not green, Nothing more can be mean. The leaves betray, But branches stay. No fruits, no flowers, No praises and pampers. May be roots hold strong, God knows for how long? Neither autumn nor winter, The seasons don’t bother. Enjoyed the … More Solitude


Beauty is often a confusion It complicates, And raises question. Sky and earth- Show a mystic junction. Not known, whether the earth moves up, Or the sky bends down in emotion. The urge of both to meet Creates the beautiful vision. Never meant to touch each other They portray such affection. So different, yet so … More THE HORIZON