The lone charmer

And there she stands Breaking monotony, Wearing a bright color Mystic and dreamy. Touched by sun Beauty she gains, And the ecstacy persists Even when it rains. Petals like magic Unfold the charm, The slightly bent branch Still holds her firm. The fragrance however Is confined to those, Who dare fight the thorns To get … More The lone charmer

Some more….

Drops of rain Quenches the earth, Raising its thirst For one more shower. That hug surely Minimizes pain, But the urge increases To hold a bit longer. Few moments spent Create memories, Then why the wish to stay Gets stronger? Goals achieved She got as desired, But to dream again Makes her happier. The baby … More Some more….

What if….

What if I smile When you hurt me, But cry When I love thee. What if I come close When you lack interest, And suddenly move far When you try to interact. What if I laugh loud When you say ‘thanks’, And then act formal When you play pranks. What if I get vanished When … More What if….


Waiting! waiting am I Thinking of the time left To see and meet thy, Remembering what you said when we last met, Makes me feel shy. You desired to hold my hand And I could not deny. That moment was magical, Like horizon witnessed earth kissing the sky. My emotions were uncontrolled, Your desires were … More Waiting…


I wonder, shall I say, Or let my gestures convey- How it feels when I see, You coming close to me. Stunned by you, I forget what all I knew. Brain camouflage, But heart shows the urge- To love you more, And that never gets sore. Silly jokes, bursting laughs, The child in us forget … More LOVEBIRDS

The ‘Light’ moment

‘This is not necessary’, says he Pointing towards the chandelier, Though catalog has many options Her eyes stick to that picture. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’- She heard them say, But sometimes even Desire has a part to play. ‘See, it is reasonable’- Hurriedly she says, The discounted rate below Boosts her confidence. What … More The ‘Light’ moment

That Touch

And he said he didn’t touch me, I smiled Hiding the storm inside. The storm of urge- To have him, To love him. If not it was the touch Then why did I feel that way When he came close, His scent infused so deep That I could see nothing except him The words, like … More That Touch