What if….


What if I smile
When you hurt me,
But cry
When I love thee.
What if I come close
When you lack interest,
And suddenly move far
When you try to interact.
What if I laugh loud
When you say ‘thanks’,
And then act formal
When you play pranks.
What if I get vanished
When you desire to see,
Then crave to meet
When you leave me.
What if my heart
Loses passion,
It only beats
But shows no emotion.
What if my mind forgets you
And never remembers,
It hardly matters to me
Even when I see you in tears.
What if I punish you
When you are not mean,
But forgive so easily
When you commit sin.
What if I remain quiet
When you want me to talk,
But have too much to say
When silent we walk.
What if I utter the secrets
I wish to keep,
What if I die
The moment, you want me to live.


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