I wonder, shall I say,
Or let my gestures convey-
How it feels when I see,
You coming close to me.
Stunned by you,
I forget what all I knew.
Brain camouflage,
But heart shows the urge-
To love you more,
And that never gets sore.
Silly jokes, bursting laughs,
The child in us forget adults.
Logic hide norms,
Allowing madness in all forms.
We sing, we dance,
As if given the last chance-
To be together,
Hence no-one does matter.
I feel the warmth in your arms,
You make sure nothing harms.
Closing my eyes I smile,
And your desires rise a mile.
The hug gets tight,
Adding more to the delight.
Ignorant of whoever pass,
‘Lovebirds’ they call us.


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