Here she comes,
In her glittering attire and shining eyes,
Her father accompanies her
To the groom waiting in the dais.
Everyone looking at her
In praise,
But she goes back
To her golden old days.
‘Will you marry me?’-
He asked her in the park,
She nodded her head
And he could see light in the dark.
He gave her the ring
Then hugged her,
And promised
Never to go far.
‘No, I don’t want
To marry her’-
Suddenly his voice
Shocks her ear.
She comes out
Of her memories,
Just to find her father
Amidst worries.
‘What happened Son?’-
He asks with folded hands,
The groom looks at her
And steady she stands.
‘I cannot marry her
As I don’t love her anymore,
She is not the one
I can live for’-
His words
Reach her ears,
She could see
Her father in tears.
Gently wiping those,
Says she-
‘Father, don’t cry,
For he doesn’t deserve me’.
Broken from within,
She sets herself to take a new ride,
For she knows,
She is destiny’s half bride…



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