Dreams, can I trust you?
They say, thy don’t easily come true.
People aspire you,
In everything they think and do.
You visit them with an impact deep,
No matter they are awake or in sleep.
You target the innocent mind(s),
And then, hope they find,
To fulfil you in life
And feel happy to be alive.
You divert at times
And smile at this holy crime,
Of making them chant
Not knowing what exactly they want.
This results in utter confusion,
They approach you with more passion.
But you choose to stay far,
And make them suffer.
This is wrong, isn’t it?
They get tired, but you stay fit
In their minds and again
They get prepared for all the pain,
To achieve you at any cost
For them, you value the most.
Then finally, you meet those who try,
And never let them cry.
You give their life a new meaning,
How happily they enjoy the win.
I too want to have you,
And then make you come true.
After which, I may sleep calm,
Again, to feel your charm.


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