That Touch

And he said he didn’t touch me, I smiled Hiding the storm inside. The storm of urge- To have him, To love him. If not it was the touch Then why did I feel that way When he came close, His scent infused so deep That I could see nothing except him The words, like … More That Touch


The grass doesn’t disappoint it anymore, Accepted the truth has it from the core. Not green, Nothing more can be mean. The leaves betray, But branches stay. No fruits, no flowers, No praises and pampers. May be roots hold strong, God knows for how long? Neither autumn nor winter, The seasons don’t bother. Enjoyed the … More Solitude


The phone rings again Disturbing harmony, An unknown number From known matrimony. Meetings no longer Were alien to her, They enquired more Than she could answer. The criteria of choosing Never had she understood, Change was more static Than their mighty mood. Education, hobby, dreams – She explained all, But to her surprise Beauty stood … More Matrimony


‘Yes, what can I do for you?” She asks him lifting up her head, He tries to enquire something But stands still instead. The face so known to him The face so similar, It is the one which once Compelled him to fall for Her. ‘Sir, are you listening? I am talking to you’- Her … More Lookalike