‘She is beautiful, I love her’- He kisses the photo in the wallet, And the smile witnesses tear(s). ‘ Major, we will win, Our goal is near’- Suddenly the known voice, Shocks his ear(s). He faced death many times, He fought many war(s). His brain may be battling, But she gives peace to his heart. … More SOLDIER


Let’s interchange ourselves For a game, Where I am the beloved And you, the lover insane. Where distance doesnot bother me But you curse the rain, Where I ask for anything And you dare not bargain. Where my teary eyes are comforted By the smiles you bring, Where you crave to reveal Again and again- … More Interchange

Am I the reason?

Am I the reason Behind that poignant smile, When you shower happiness, But your tears visit the shrine. Am I the reason You laughed loud that day, When I enquired about love And no word you could say. Am I the reason You fight often, When I question your trust Every now and then . … More Am I the reason?

GrOwN uP

With dreamy eyes She starts the day, Listing down the roles She plans to play. World so vast She sets to cover, Be it formal tea Or the family supper. Planning never suited her She baffled many times, When mom looked in anger She forgot even her favorite rhymes. Life was simple then Only exams … More GrOwN uP


‘Disabled’, they call me, I laugh loud at the irony. They are generous, no doubt, My limping is what they care about. I lost my leg fighting, When the little girl was abused in the train. She was saved and that was my reward, But today, I witness such acts of coward(s). They rob, snatch … More Irony


Beauty is often a confusion It complicates, And raises question. Sky and earth- Show a mystic junction. Not known, whether the earth moves up, Or the sky bends down in emotion. The urge of both to meet Creates the beautiful vision. Never meant to touch each other They portray such affection. So different, yet so … More THE HORIZON

For Kalam…..

This was written by me after the sudden demise of our guide and inspiration Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 27th July 2015…. a tribute to the great soul who taught us what humanity is and what knowledge can lead to….I feel lucky to have met him once in this life time…. God! You must be happy tonite … More For Kalam…..


‘Shall we meet again?’ He asks her, She nods her head And they move far. He is quiet Silent is she, Both become the ones They never meant to be. Good times they shared Visit their eyes, He saved a single penny To delight her with surprise. She learnt the recipes To spice up his … More Reunion