The blue bird

And the blue bird flies Defying the eyes, Which seem to have set limit For her to rise. Crossing the mountains Waving the cloud(s), Sky smiles When in it, her wings mould. The sea however Mocks her powers, But in plates of tides She happily devours. Beautiful gardens Plead to stay, She kissed the flowers … More The blue bird

On and on……

Haunting the evils Rising through the steeps, I decide to move further And persevere beeps. Life is short To give up is easy, Goal is fixed Paths are messy. Each step discovers Disguised prizes, Some shock Some surprises. The journey no doubt Raises the bar, Limits extend But nothing seems far. Uncanny roads Mystic bushes, … More On and on……

The Paintbrush

Touch is a must For it To create The essence Of love and nature Beauty, melancholy. It breaks the silence But not with words, Color defines everything Every mood, time, passion. Where borders clarify And directions intensify Its smooth movement Which completes the picture Long or short But in a single frame, Giving thoughts A … More The Paintbrush

Self defense

Power lies within Only techniques need to be taught; Women, we are And that’s how we fought. Why to look for others When self is there to help, Every attack can be avoided Whether kick or a slap. It is the right move That matters the most, Body can do miracles, When brain gets the … More Self defense

Some more….

Drops of rain Quenches the earth, Raising its thirst For one more shower. That hug surely Minimizes the pain, But the urge increases To hold a bit longer. Few moments spent Create memories, Then why the wish to stay Gets stronger? Goals achieved She got as desired, But to dream again Makes her happier. The … More Some more….

What if….

What if I smile When you hurt me, But cry When I love thee. What if I come close When you lack interest, And suddenly move far When you try to interact. What if I laugh loud When you say ‘thanks’, And then act formal When you play pranks. What if I get vanished When … More What if….


    Music- When heart wants to convey, And lips hesitate to say. Music – When pain has a story to tell, And happiness dances well. Music – When languages vary, And similar emotions they carry. Music- When distance kills, And remembrance heals. Music- When losing is better than gain, And the sun surrenders to … More MUSIC


Waiting! waiting am I Thinking of the time left To see and meet thy, Remembering what you said when we last met, Makes me feel shy. You desired to hold my hand And I could not deny. That moment was magical, Like horizon witnessed earth kissing the sky. My emotions were uncontrolled, Your desires were … More Waiting…

Eyes vs Lips

“This is unfair”, Say the lips to the eyes “I convey words, Win hearts with the smile. My touch itself Evokes emotion, And the desire of love Rises a mile. But why is that You are praised always, Even being quiet In their minds, you shine?” “You are beautiful no doubt”, Reply the eyes, “And … More Eyes vs Lips